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Aesthetic and Cosmetic Procedures

There are a range of options available to patients that range from conservative teeth bleaching treatments to veneers and crowns to hide old fillings, discoloured and missing teeth. An aesthetic analysis with the prosthodontist will enable patients to understand the outcome of the treatment and what may be the most suitable for them.


As a person ages, the tooth enamel may wear and the mineral structure may pick up stains from smoking, food and beverages. Bleaching is a reversible, conservative approach to obtaining a whiter and brighter smile. The treatment can be done multiple times in the comfort of your own home following adequate instructions by our staff. Patients from their mid 20s and onwards can be good candidates for bleaching provided there are not a large number of fillings present in the teeth and other modifications in shape and form are not necessary.


Veneers are a facing that may be used to correct short worn teeth, unsightly stains which cannot be improved with bleaching, chips and cracks in teeth in the aesthetic zone. Often times young adults may benefit from having veneers placed on teeth following orthodontics to correct smaller than average sized tooth forms. From a treatment point of view, they are the most conservative amongst the crown and bridge restorations and require a minimal amount of tooth reduction on the facial surface.

The results allow for a permanent colour change and tooth size and form and with professional maintenance may last for many years.

Crowns, onlays and bridges

Crowns are a protective cap often indicated following root canal treatment, where a tooth might be cracked and causing increased sensitivity or when multiple large fillings have weakened the remaining tooth structure. A crown can prolong the lifespan of a weakened tooth for many years or be part of bridge to replace a missing adjacent tooth. With stronger materials available such as Zirconia, our prosthodontist will discuss with you metal free options to allow for life-like aesthetics in your new crown. Where function is paramout and patient's show a history of grinding and clenching, full gold options are also discussed in your consultation visit.

With the revolution of cad-cam dentistry, onlays which are a part coverage restoration can be bonded to your tooth to replace large restorations and cracks. This treatment is more conservative than a conventional crown in that more of your original tooth structure is maintained rather then replaced with a prosthetic material.

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